Paywall. Registration Wall. Cookie Wall. Subscription Platform.

The Membership and Subscription Suite

The simple, all-in-one audience conversion, management & retention platform to turn content into business.

Registration and subscription stack, for every type of content producer

Press. Digital-first publisher. E-learning. Brands. VOD. Audio content.
Poool Access.

Convert your audience into leads, members and subscribers

Increase your Revenue per User (ARPU), with Poool Access, our Audience Conversion Platform:
  • checkCookie Wall: Reverse the negative trend in Cookie Consent performance
  • checkRegistration Wall: Build a strong Membership base
  • checkPaywall: Establish a recurring and predictable revenue stream through Subscription
Poool Subscribe.

The Subscription Management Platform for content creators

Poool Subscribe: the easy-to-use platform to construct, launch and optimize end-to-end subscription journeys. Manage every step of the funnel, from content to user accounts, analyze performance and more, all within the Dashboard control center.
  • checkCreate targeted offers that match your strategy
  • checkBuild and configure the entire subscription journey
  • checkEvery tool needed to manage your strategy including database and analytics

Poool is simple, flexible, open.

  • checkSimple to use, for marketing autonomy from tech
  • checkFlexibility, to adapt to our client’s strategy
  • checkOpen to your ecosystem of tools

Poool’s clients are seeing the results

+ 9 consent

won back in <5 weeks

2x logged-in traffic

in 5 months

200% conversion rate

increase in just 5 weeks

And with our team of experts, you’ll soon be achieving the same

Consultancy from some of the best in the business, Poool will support you from day one to ensure the development of strong, optimized strategy that will lead to long-term business growth. Adapted, insightful and always by your side.
Marion Wyss
Co-founder of our consulting offer, Marion has more than 10 years experience in digital content, specializing in product quality, engagement and conversion strategies, including ELLE, Challenges, L’Obs.
Anthony Ribeiro
7 years experience in digital publishing, specializing in conversion and retention, including The New York Times, The Economist, Drawn & Quarterly and PlayBac Presse.
Ludivine Paquet
4+ years experience in the publishing industry, working on online diversification strategies at Prisma Media. Ludivine also has a certification in Data Analysis and specializes in conversion methodologies.

The Membership and
Subscription Suite

The simple, all-in-one audience conversion, management & retention platform to turn content into business.
  • checkLaunch a paywall or a registration wall to protect content
  • checkBuild every step of the conversion journey: funnel, forms & landing pages
  • checkManage payments, accounts, analytics and more
  • checkBuild and manage a community of registered members
  • checkSet up on- & off-site widgets to engage users and reduce churn

Client testimonials

The paywall integration was as simple as a Google tag and configuration was completed quickly thanks to a reactive team and detailed documentation.
Julien Zanardelli - Web developer - EditPress — EditPress
In addition to the simplicity of implementation, the Dashboard’s audience segmentation functionalities have become hugely valuable to our team, allowing us to build adapted engagement and conversion funnels, putting marketing intuition into practice.
Jean-Philippe Siourd - Managing director - —
Poool Access solution allowed us to test different acquisition strategies with ease, efficiency and on a regular basis so that we can continue to improve conversion of users to our end goal, subscription.
Frederic Desiles - Strategy and marketing director - Alter Eco — Alter Eco
We integrated Poool’s tool into our site very quickly thanks to close support from the team. The product allows us to adapt the paywall to different user profiles so as to maximize reader conversion rates.
Jimmy Temporado - Product Owner - Journal du Dimanche — Journal du Dimanche
The Moneyweb team were able to set up a new strategy in just 10 days between our onboarding call & deploying our new paywall online!
Marieka van Vuuren - Head of Development - MoneyWeb — MoneyWeb

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