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Poool are with you for the long-run. Here to fuel your growth, provide the optimal tools to reach your goals and support you every step of the way.

Collaborations made to last

Our clients get individualized treatment. Just like paywalls, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, so we ensure every client gets personalized advice and support to lead your business to success.

Collaborations made for growth

Your growth is at the heart of everything we do. The Poool Dashboard is built for you to drive your strategies to success in the long term, whilst our client success team is on hand to accompany and support you throughout your journey.

Collaborations built on trust

Trust is important to us at Poool. Between us and our clients, but also between you and your audience. For Poool, Poool solutions lay the foundation of a trusting and lasting relationship at every level.

Client testimonials

Poool allows us to better qualify our user segments and deploy an effective guest account strategy, integrating easily on our platform. We now envision a phase where each segment will be addressed with a specific user experience.
Benjamin Lupu - Chief Digital Officer - The Africa Report
blocks.testimonials.jeuneAfrique.name — The Africa Report
We integrated Poool’s tool into our site very quickly thanks to close support from the team. The product allows us to adapt the paywall to different user profiles so as to maximize reader conversion rates.
Jimmy Temporado - Product Owner - Journal du Dimanche
blocks.testimonials.jdd.name — Journal du Dimanche
Poool Access solution allowed us to test different acquisition strategies with ease, efficiency and on a regular basis so that we can continue to improve conversion of users to our end goal, subscription.
Frederic Desiles - Strategy and marketing director - Alter Eco
blocks.testimonials.altereco.name — Alter Eco

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